Conference Titles

Choose from these topics or share your needs and we値l develop a session, event or conference to meet those needs.


For General Leaders


Best Practices of Sunday School

This class will review some of the foundations of building a great Sunday School, including strategy & organization, enlisting and training leaders, providing space, and more! (This is not from the Hemphill/Taylor Book, but similar.)


Common Factors in Growing Churches

This conference takes a look at common factors in growing churches. It might give you some insight in getting your Sunday School back on track.


From Stagnant to Startling: Rejuvenating Your Sunday School

This conference will look at how to get your bearings a lead your Sunday School off of the plateau.


Finding Them, Keeping Them

Tips on how to reach prospects and get them connected so that you don稚 lose them later!


Finding a Passion for Sunday School

In this conference we値l discuss becoming a student of Sunday School because it is a great plan for impacting people for the kingdom of God.


Fifteen Steps to Becoming a Successful Sunday School Director

This class will help you to see the most important components of being a successful leader of Sunday School in your church. Included are building relationships and taking care of the small things.


Guiding Principles: A look at the foundations of Sunday School

We値l review some of the bedrock principles that will help you make sound decisions in your Sunday School organization.


Help! I知 a New Sunday School Director

There are so many things that need to be done! Where should you start? This conference will provide a list of the most important items and a time line for accomplishment.


Multiple Sunday Schools

Out of space? Need room to grow? It痴 right under your nose! This conference will help you see possible scheduling and transitions from one to two Sunday School hours.


Navigating Effective Leadership

In this class we値l focus on identifying and eliminating barriers to effective leadership of an organization.


Planning and Managing Growth

Being in a growing church is hard work. It takes time and skill to provide space. This class will look at some growth planning tools to help you stay ahead of the need.


Ten Tips to Take the Pain Out of Change

Change is never easy, especially at church. We値l look at ten tips to help you make change as painless as possible for you and your congregation.


Ten Ideas You Can稚 Live Without

Technology has made life easier in many ways. The church can take advantage of these and other time-saving tips and great ideas. (Free Invitation CardsVista Print, Calling Post, Phone Tree, E-Groups, etc.)


Starting New Classes: 15 Steps to Success

Beginning with Casting Vision and ending with Celebration, you learn 15 steps to take in the road map to starting new classes.



For Adult Teachers


Challenging My Class to Serve

How to get your members out of their seat and on to the street in service to the kingdom!


Developing a Passion for People

We don稚 just teach the Bible, we teach people. God works through our love for people, so teachers need to develop a passion for people.


Developing A Ministry Plan for Your Class

People and organization that are really effective have a plan. We値l look at possible areas in which your class or entire Sunday School can be strategic.


Developing a Vision for the Future of Your Class

In this class, we値l look at areas of class ministry and leadership and setting a course for the future.


Developing a Ministry Plan for Your Class

You致e been taught what you need to do, now it痴 time to write down a specific plan to accomplish the goals of your class. We値l look at 14 different ministry areas that need specific action plans.


Eleven Secrets of Sunday School Success

This class will look at overall success of the Sunday School class and how to get there. 


Fifteen Steps to Better Teaching

Effective teaching involves many aspects in class and in preparation. Learn what components may be missing from your class experience that would make it more effective.


Guest Expectations: What Should A Guests Expect From Your Class?

We値l look at ways to make guests feel welcomed in a Sunday School class.


How Not to Teach

A humorous look at the things we do that lead to where we don稚 want to go!


Putting Together a Class Leadership Team

Shared ministry is important in adult classes. You値l be given a plan for organizing your class, including job descriptions, and learn how to modify the plan for any size class.


Teaching to Make a Difference

We池e not just in class to fill up an hour of time, we have a purpose. Learn how to teach in ways that lives are transformed.


Ten Steps To Effective Class Leadership

This conference looks at ways to become an effective Sunday School Teacher, from modeling and teaching for change to being willing to send out new leaders & classes.


The Importance of Passion

Passion drives us to excellence and motivates others to action. We値l discuss why Sunday School is worth getting passionate about and how you can let your passion show.


Using Care Groups to Stay Connected

Care Groups are an important tool to help people connect with each other and minister to one another. We値l look at how to organize and run an effective care group ministry


Using Care Groups to Reach and Minister to People

Care groups are a wonderful tool for adult classes. Care Groups promote fellowship, involve people in ministry, train future leaders, and keep people from falling through the cracks. You値l learn how to organize this ministry.


What Should a Guest Expect From Your Class?

We値l help you look at Sunday School through the eyes of a first-time guest. Learn how you can prepare to make sure that your first impression is a good one.


Your Class Can Give Birth

In this class, we値l look at how your class can be involved in growth through multiplication. We値l review tips for starting a new class.